avatars & icons: buffy the vampire slayer & angel the series      

These icons have been specifically made for Extravaganza and our Forum. If you want to use them please contact us first.
Queste icone sono state create appositamente per Extravaganza e per il nostro Forum. Se vuoi utilizzarle prima contattaci.

buffy summers - sarah michelle gellar

angel - david boreanaz

spike - james marsters

xander harris - nicholas brendon

willow rosenberg - alyson hannigan

faith - eliza dushku

rupert giles - anthony stewart head

daniel 'oz' osbourne - seth green

dawn summers - michelle trachtenberg

anya jenkins - emma caulfield

cordelia chase - charisma carpenter

buffy + angel

buffy + spike

andrew - tom lenk
caleb - nathan fillion
riley - marc blucas
tara - amber benson
wesley - alexis denisof
buffy + xander
buffy + giles
buffy + riley
buffy + dawn
buffy + faith
buffy + willow
willow + xander
willow + oz
willow + tara
spike + drusilla
spike + riley