avatars & icons: lost      

These icons have been specifically made for Extravaganza and our Forum. If you want to use them please contact us first.
Queste icone sono state create appositamente per Extravaganza e per il nostro Forum. Se vuoi utilizzarle prima contattaci.

jack shephard - matthew fox-> 2

kate austen ryan - evangeline lilly-> 1

james "sawyer" ford - josh halloway

charlie pace - dominic monaghan

boone carlyle - ian somerhalder

shannon rutherford - maggie grace

sayid jarrah - naveen andrews

jin kwon - daniel dae kim

sun kwon - yoon-jin kim

claire littleton - emilie de ravin

hugo "hurley" reyes - jorge garcia

john locke - terry o'quinn

michael dawson - harold perrinau

desmond david hume - henry ian cusick


jack + kate

jack + james "sawyer"

sawyer + kate

kate + sun

sayid + kate

sayid + shannon

shannon + boone

charlie + claire

jin + sun

michael + walt


lost parody