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Basically, we are 3 italian sisters, Ilaria, Clara, Valeria, well known as Sisters.F. We are not particularly keen on talking about ourself much, so you will not find a lot here. But if you are still curious visit our collective site, Ordinary Dream for more details. 

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z about this site
Extravaganza is our personal collection of wallpapers, fanart and avatars, and is online since February 2, 2004.

All wallpapers, graphics, etc. on this site are our creations.
Please do not take them without our permission and do not steal them and use them as they were your own.

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Version 16.0
- Summer '08
Date: 01 June 2008
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Fonts: Pea Alesa, TrixiePlain, verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif.
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Tools: adobe photoshop 7, paint shop

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